Industry studies highlight that current IT solutions are already stretching budgets to the limits with little evidence of increasing security, reliability or overall user functionality. Moving forward requires finding new ways and adopting new approaches that dramatically reduce costs and at the same time provide full functionality, security and reliability.

DataGRIT was created to take full advantage of 64 bit computing with current abundance of memory, CPU/GPU power and bandwidth. It stores data internally in a form of unrestricted multi dimensional, multi linked lists - far more powerful and flexible approach than traditional databases that conceptually were designed at a time when computing resource were still severely limited.

Currently, a typical instance of DataGRIT using of-the-shelf servers, is able to store and process terabytes of data without degradation of response times and operational costs orders of magnitude lower than traditional database solutions. The practical capacity is limited only by the cost of available hardware and will continue to increase with further advances in hardware technology and lower costs.

The fundamental difference to traditional approach is that DataGRIT, designed with utmost simplicity, is truly a verifiable technology: performance, security and reliability can be fully verified by analytical review of its algorithms and core code before actual deployment.

Data changes are being replicated in real time between multiple servers in different geographical locations without the need for separate subsystems and operational processes to handle the backups. Real time data replication also allows DataGRIT servers to be configured so they do not require system administration of any kind and therefore can be ‘locked from the inside’ during operations thus completely eliminating back end dependance on trusted human personnel, the source of most devastating security breaches.

DataGRIT is designed to be inherently secure, making it virtually impregnable to viruses, worms and other forms of malicious software attacks. It does not depend nor require external security measures such as firewalls. It is also highly resilient to DOS and DDOS attacks by making it computationally more costly to launch such an attack than for DataGRIT servers to reject it.

DataGRIT can interface with SDKs on any 64 bit platform by bridging its core library to a specific programming environment, with Linux, iOS and macOS are already being supported. DataGRIT also supports interface using HTML and Apache Server in standard configuration. In this case any web designer with basic knowledge of HTML can develop applications that take advantage of DataGRIT capabilities leading to dramatically reduced development times and project costs.

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